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Emerging Managers Summit: Trends and influences shaping emerging hedge funds

admin - 12th September 2019 - 0 comments

Given the current market uncertainty, start-up and emerging hedge fund managers must be clever in their choices when bringing a fund to market in 2020 and beyond. And this November, the inaugural Hedgeweek Emerging Manager Summit will provide a forum for managers to explore the challenges and opportunities they must consider en route to a successful launch…

Start-up and emerging managers face an uphill battle to establish and differentiate themselves in such a competitive market space. There are many opportunities that emerging managers can take advantage of when first starting out on their journey. However, having an awareness of the challenges and pitfalls that can befall fund managers at the beginning of a fund’s lifecycle is essential.

In partnership with 100 Women in Finance, CAIA and HFA, the inaugural Hedgeweek Emerging Manager Summit: Inside the Vortex – Trends and influences shaping the emerging hedge fund space, which is sponsored by EDGE Technology Group, Eze Castle Integration, and Cowen Prime will help emerging managers understand the challenges and opportunities they have must consider to successfully bring a hedge fund to market and survive in what could be seen as one of the most challenging periods so far for the industry.

This event will explore the steps that managers must take pre-launch, from idea inception and fund structuring through to launch, in order to ensure success and avoid a costly failure. The event will also cover the elements that are required post-launch when running an emerging hedge fund and navigating through what is often considered the most difficult stage of a fund management company’s lifecycle.

At this all-day event, managers will be given an opportunity to listen and engage with some of the leading figures in the hedge fund space today. From legal structuring and ODD best practices, all the way through to devising an impactful marketing and distribution strategy, there are a number of panels designed with managers, service providers and investors in mind to ensure that attendees can explore the entire array of options available to them fully.

If you are fund manager looking to gain new insights into the market space click here to view the full agenda and secure your place.


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