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Connecting talent and opprotunities

At Hedge Fund Lab, we connect the best startup portfolio managers and forward-thinking investors. We back exceptional talents in three ways – providing access to our institutional infrastructure, accelerating growth a raising capital.

Portfolio managers

Accelerator program

We invest in the entrepreneurial drive of our portfolio managers, by supporting them through all phases of growth from inception to scale. We build strategic partnership with managers by offering unique independence and continues support to build their own brand, grow their teams and increase AUM.

Hedge Fund Lab



Portfolio managers with proven track record can join the accelerator under these primary programs;

  • Reletive value equity
  • Statistical arbitrage
  • Merger arbitrage
  • Quantitative strategies
  • Fixed income
  • Commodities


Get in touch

Want to join our elite community of managers, or you have any questions? Talk to us about your plans to discover how we can help.


Hedge Fund Lab

10 Brick Street, Mayfair
London - W1J 7HQ
T: +44 20 3457 1386